Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - multiplayer hands-on

Finally, the multiplayer maps themselves. Of course, you expect new maps. But you probably aren't prepared for just how good these ones look... or how much fun they are to play on. Lagoon features a postcard perfect Central American island, with sandy beaches that are soon littered with bodies and majestic cliffs that are soon littered with snipers.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is Crash Site, an area consisting of fiery plane wreckage and nothing else but a whole lot of inky blackness. Everyone tends to gravitate towards the flickering orange light... or, if they're smart, the dark hills that circle it. Aftermath finds players wading through a flooded village and climbing wreckage for better vantage points; Shoreline finds them darting in and out of coastal buildings; and Back Alley finds them navigating a complex maze of stairs, balconies and bridges.

We've captured actual gameplay screens from all of these maps for your viewing pleasure. Check them out below or behind the Images tab above. We've also got gameplay footage for you to see the shooting, healing and... Cross Coming?... in action. Hit the Movies tab above and launch "GRAW 2 - custom gameplay 02-02-07."