Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

After our very latest play of Ubisoft's future-combat stun-specialist, we now know what it feels like to warfight advancedly. Turns out it involves killing insurgents. Lots of 'em.

Advanced Warfighter overloads on the arse-clenching tension, just like GR2, but the feeling of leading a squad into terrorist territory is now winningly next-gen.

The 'Cross-Com' eyepiece feeds you images from your mates' helmetcams, enabling you to go ahead and flank an enemy while your boys get busy on the front side. And you're also able to steer floating drones around the blue sky to pinpoint hidden enemies, or spot targets for your helicopter-driving friend. Tasty.

It all plays superbly - the controls for ducking, rolling, taking cover behind walls and holding your breath for a steadier sniper shot were second nature after a few seconds.

It looks good too. Gritty, TV camera-style visuals perfectly evoke the balminess of Mexico City, circa 2013. Despite the real-life setting, the maps aren't totally open - but alternate routes are there.

Plus: feel like mucking about while the kidnapped President stares down a gun barrel? We had a laugh blowing up cars, wrapping scenery in grenade smoke and shooting foes through windows.