Ghost Recon 2: Xmas console releases

Ubisoft have pencilled in Ghost Recon 2 to be released at the end of November on Xbox and PS2 and when they say that the two iterations of their next Clancy-'em-up will be completely different they actually mean it. We're not simply talking additional levels or expanded weaponry here. Now isn't that refreshing?

PS2 duties for developing GR2 fall to Ubisoft's Shanghai studios (previously responsible for PS2 Splinter Cell) and the game's being coded using the Unreal engine, incorporating Havok physics. As the game is set four years ahead of Xbox's GR2, it acts as a prequel to that incarnation. Ubisoft also flag up unique special effects and online modes as reasons for PS2 gamers to get excited.

Red Storm Entertainment will be using their proprietary Ghost Recon engine to develop the PC and Xbox versions - which we presume are generally the same (seeing as Ubisoft haven't stated otherwise). PC gamers can expect to see their take on Ghost Recon 2 in early 2005. We'll have an in-depth preview of the game in a couple of weeks.