Ghost of Tsushima tourism site explores real-life game locations

Ghost of Tsushima
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A popular Japanese tourism site has opened a new page dedicated to Ghost of Tsushima, and it teaches some of the real-life history behind locations from the game.

For the uninitiated, Tsushima is an actual island in Japan, roughly halfway between the mainland and the Korean peninsula. Several locations of historical significance are included in Sucker Punch's new open-world RPG Ghost of Tsushima, and this new web page reveals fascinating details about what happened in these locations hundreds of years ago.

Most influential to the story were the battles of Bunei and Koan, which took place in Tsushima during the Kamakura period (1185 - 1333). Ghost of Tsushima is set during the same period of time in Japan's history and sees protagonist Jin Sakai exacting revenge against the Mongolian army.

Scroll through the website and you'll see pictures of the real-life locations that inspired Ghost of Tsushima's expansive world. Among several other spots including temples, ruins, and natural landscapes, there's Komoda Beach, which is where the Mongolian armed forces made their first move to occupy Japan; and the Kaneda Fortress ruins, the former site of a Japanese stronghold built after a defeat at the hands of the Silla–Tang alliance in 663.

Komoda Beach

(Image credit: Sony/Nagasaki Prefecture Tourism Association)

Mt. Shiratake

(Image credit: Sony/Nagasaki Prefecture Tourism Association)

Watadumi Shrine

(Image credit: Sony/Nagasaki Prefecture Tourism Association)

As if I needed another reason to book a flight to Japan as soon as it's safe, this site comes along and gives me about 10 more - there's even a mouth-watering section of Tsushima cuisine! Do check out the guide and add some historical context to the beautiful world you explore in Ghost of Tsushima.

While you're at it, read through these essential Ghost of Tsushima tips so you spend less time dead and more time exploring Tsushima. 

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