Ghost of Tsushima PS4 exclusives Easter egg pays tribute to God of War, Horizon, and more

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A Ghost of Tsushima (opens in new tab) PS4 exclusive Easter egg solidifies its status as the perfect swansong for seven years of great games.

The Easter egg commemorates many of the best PS4 exclusives (opens in new tab) that came before Ghost of Tsushima. Before I get any further into details, take heed that this article contains minor Ghost of Tsushima spoilers - nothing specifically about the story itself, just something that happens after the credits roll.

To find the Easter egg, you'll need to complete the main story of Ghost of Tsushima. After that, you'll once again assume control of Jin as he stands in his home. Look closely at the low table with a rack of swords and a single katana laid out on a cloth and you'll spot the Easter egg.

(Image credit: Sucker Punch)

This Easter egg takes the form of a dozen origami pieces scattered across the table, each one representing a specific game, game series, or developer that has contributed to PS4. Starting from the left, we have:

Unless Sony has any surprises in store, Ghost of Tsushima was the last big PS4 exclusive from a first-party studio; while "there's a lot more to come from PS4" (opens in new tab), it looks like all PS4 games submitted for approval from July onward must be cross-gen compatible with PS5 (opens in new tab).

Hopefully one of the upcoming PS5 games (opens in new tab) will give Ghost of Tsushima a nod of its own - until then, there's the Ghost of Tsushima Sly Cooper Easter egg (opens in new tab). 

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