Get every trophy and ending in Heavy Rain


VIP (bronze)
Leave home without being spotted by the journalists
1) Exit through the back door of Ethan’s house and jump over the fence to the right.
2) Go through the alleyway, get into your car and drive away.

Lexington Station

Agoraphobia (bronze)
Knock down at least 50 passers-by
1) When everyone freezes during Ethan’s panic attack, knock 50 people over by running into them. You only have a short period of time to do this.

Lucky Locker (bronze)
Find the correct locker on the first try
1) Go to row 18 and find locker 3. It’s at the top.


Blunder (bronze)
Shoot Nathaniel
1) Press R1 to shoot Nathaniel.

Self Control (bronze)
Do not shoot Nathaniel
1) Do not press R1 to shoot Nathaniel.

Suicide Baby

Baby Master (bronze)
Make no mistakes taking care of the baby
1) Wash your hands.
2) Change the diaper and prepare the bottle.
3) Rock the baby to sleep and put her back in the crib. Any mistakes (like making too sudden a movement and waking the baby) will lose you the Trophy.

The Bear

Kamikaze (bronze)
Choose the best path on the highway
1) Follow this EXACT path during the trial: left, right, left, left at the barrier, right at the cars, right, right at the toll booth, right, then left.
2) Make sure you avoid hitting the police car by tilting the controller to the right.

Good Driver (bronze)
Complete the bear trial successfully
1) Finish the trial. You can make a few mistakes, but too many and you’ll crash and fail.

Covered Market

Cat & Mouse (bronze)
Beat Korda in the cold storage
1) Hit all the prompts to beat Korda.

Kramer%26rsquo;s Party

Tough Guy (bronze)
Defeat Gordi’s bodyguards
1) Hit all the prompts to beat the bodyguards.