Genshin Impact "set a new standard for the industry," says Tower of Fantasy dev

Tower of Fantasy
(Image credit: Hotta Studio)

Tower of Fantasy developer Hotta Studio agrees with the common sentiment that Genshin Impact "set a new standard for the industry," particularly in the gacha space. 

A representative for the studio told me as much in a recent interview. I mentioned that Tower of Fantasy has been relentlessly (and understandably) compared to Genshin, and they acknowledged that, "oh, yes, that's a question we get asked a lot."

"Of course, Genshin is a great game loved by a lot of players around the world," they continued. "It set a new standard for the industry when it comes to the design, narrative, and quality. But of course, we understand that there are things that differentiate us from other games." 

Hotta was quick to point to Tower of Fantasy's faster combat, MMO elements, in-depth character creator, social features, and sci-fi setting as key differences. You can find more information on these details and plenty of others in our full Tower of Fantasy hands-on preview, as we also reckon it's more than just sci-fi Genshin. 

Tower of Fantasy will launch globally on PC and mobile on August 10. Hotta tells us that its post-launch schedule will closely, but not exactly, follow the Chinese version of the game, with a cyber-themed update due soon after launch. 

Genshin Impact, meanwhile, is gearing up for update 3.0 and the release of the Dendro element as well as the Sumeru region. Just last week, a new trailer revealed five more Sumeru characters for players to look forward to meeting and playing with. 

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