Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun trailer kicks off update 2.1

Genshin Impact update 2.1 will arrive later today (late August 31 or early September 1 depending on your region) and it's dropped a banger of a Raiden Shogun demo trailer to kick things off.

Raiden has starred in several videos already, but this is easily her strongest showing yet. The imagery and music are totally unique and absolutely top-notch (and flashy enough to warrant a photosensitivity warning), and this is easily the most informative look yet at Raiden's attacks and abilities. 

Raiden will be the third playable archon in Genshin Impact's history, and after the anemo archon Venti and the geo archon Zhongli – who are still among the most powerful characters in the game – she's got some big shoes to fill. The story of Inazuma has also built her up as an untouchable warrior and a ruthless leader, but it doesn't seem like she'll have any trouble meeting expectations. 

With an elemental skill that summons a watchful eye capable of constantly zapping enemies and an elemental burst that trades her spear for an electro katana, Raiden is already living up to her reputation as the electro archon. The metallic, space-warping effects and sounds on each swing of her sword not only look incredible, they also sell her power level in a way that bigger damage numbers simply can't. MiHoYo makes well over $10 million within 24 hours pretty much every time they release a new character, and with all the anticipation behind her, Raiden may well set a new record for the game. 

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