Genshin Impact players have officially adopted Nahida, the strongest character since Yelan

Genshin Impact 3.2 Nahida
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The Dendro archon Nahida has finally come to Genshin Impact, and she's been an immediate hit with players of all kinds. 

The Sumeru region's main storyline, coupled with some dramatic teaser trailers leading up to Nahida's release, seem to have done a pretty good job of getting players to like, if not outright treasure her. Without wishing to spoil any details, the tiny god has had a rough go of things, which meant many fans were eager to help her out as soon as update 3.2 and its new quests released. 

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Many players were quick to Wish for Nahida on her debut banner and just as quick to pamper and gush over her once she was part of their team. Using Genshin's house-building sim, Redditor WisestManAlive "made a little porch for Nahida so she doesn't burn her soles on the hot sand." Drespwar highlighted the attention to detail in the subtle sound effects that play whenever she moves. MoarSpn – and many others, judging by the upvotes here – were thrilled to confirm that, like the game's other small female characters, Nahida can roll like a friggin' Dark Souls character. 

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On top of her unofficial position as the daughter figure in the now four-member Archon family, Nahida's also carved out a reputation as the strongest character to be added to Genshin Impact in several months. Her skill deals heavy damage, especially when empowered by her elemental burst, and her Dendro-infused normal attacks can enable a storm of reactions. 

Sumeru's five-star units have been solid but not mind-blowing so far, but Nahida is on the same level as meta-defining characters like Raiden and even Kazuha, shooting her straight to the upper echelons of the Genshin Impact character tier list. Nahida blows every other Dendro character out of the water, and overall we haven't seen a unit this overwhelmingly powerful since Yelan's release back in update 2.7. Funnily enough, Nahida's pinnacle constellation – which is out of reach for folks who are understandably unwilling to spend thousands on Genshin – even closely resembles Yelan's. Suffice it to say, Genshin fans welcome their tiny new god with open arms.  

More new characters are already on the horizon: Scaramouche, now the Wandered, and Faruzan are coming in update 3.3.

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