Here's when Layla comes to Genshin Impact with Yae and Tartaglia's rerun banners

Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact will release the new four-star character Layla tomorrow, November 18, alongside reruns for the five-stars Yae Miko and Tartaglia. 

The new banners are scheduled to drop at 3pm PT / 6pm ET / 11pm BT, per the official announcement from developer Hoyoverse. Layla will be available alongside two other four-stars: Heizou and Thoma. 

Layla is the only new character coming in the second half of Genshin Impact update 3.2, and after several underwhelming Sumeru units like Candace and Dori, many players are hoping the new cryo four-star sword user is actually, you know, strong. If you don't want to roll for Yae Miko or Tartaglia, Layla will also be available in the standard character pool as of update 3.3, and she's sure to appear in another limited banner in the patches ahead. She may even be given out for free at some point like Dori and Collei.

Layla's pre-release guide positions her as a support character that generates a shield for her teammates and deals cryo damage while off-field. Her skill summons a shield that scales with her max HP and passively generates cryo stars, and these stars will target nearby enemies once Layla summons four of them. Her burst adds more stars to the mix to increase her personal damage, but it doesn't affect her shield. Layla's closest competition will likely be Diona, who can not only create cryo shields but also heal her team. 

These new character banners will also see the launch of a new weapon banner featuring Yae Miko and Tartaglia's best-in-slot five-star options: Kagura's Verity and Polar Star, respectively.

Here's hoping Layla earns a top slot on the Genshin Impact tier list

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