Genshin Impact devs' upcoming space RPG Honkai Star Rail has a lovely opening cutscene

Honkai: Star Rail, the upcoming open-world space RPG from Genshin Impact studio miHoYo, has debuted its beautifully shot opening cutscene.

The cutscene, titled A Short Play, shows a battle play out on a large spaceship after it's invaded by a gang of vaguely Gundam-esque enemies, who seem to have arrived via black holes. While several playable characters take up arms against the baddies or scurry away, the purple-haired Kafka uses her skill with an air violin to score the scene with a graceful, cinematic solo tune.

It's unclear why she chose this particular moment to play music, but it definitely makes for a more entertaining trailer. Kafka's character overview describes her as "calm, collected, and beautiful," so she definitely sounds like someone who would bust out an air violin during an attack.

Honkai: Star Rail's second closed beta kicked off today, letting select players on PC, Android, and iOS experience the turn-based action ahead of the game's full launch. MiHoYo hasn't revealed if or when there will be another beta, nor have they set a firm release date for Honkai: Star Rail.

Either way, fans of Genshin Impact, anime, and sci-fi have a lot to look forward to. The plot tasks you and several playable protagonists with saving the galaxy while planet-hopping on a steampunk spaceship. Unlike Genshin, combat is turn-based and it sounds like there's a bigger focus on strategy, but miHoYo has described it as newcomer-friendly. There's also a large sci-fi universe to explore, plenty of puzzles to solve, and a big cast of playable characters to get to know.

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Jordan Gerblick

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