Genshin Impact 1.2 update will retroactively reward travelers with an Acquaint Fate for every ascended character

Genshin Impact
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The upcoming Genshin Impact 1.2 update will introduce an Acquaint Fate reward for every character you ascend at level 20, 50, 70. 

Better yet, it works retroactively, so you'll also be rewarded with Acquaint Fates for any characters you've already ascended. The neat bonus was revealed in a developer discussion Q&A news post from MiHoYo, which details some of the new features and perks coming to version 1.2. 

"After the developers let us have one final peek at their notebooks, it turns out that in Version 1.2, Travelers will be rewarded with 1 Acquaint Fate each time they ascend a character at level 20, 50, or 70!", the final segment of the post reads. "And for any previous characters that Travelers have ascended, you can claim the Acquaint Fate rewards from the Ascension Materials Preview screen." 

The post also highlights that a new chat function is coming in version 1.2, which can be used once you've unlocked the friend system in-game. You'll be able to chat with friends from the Friend Screen, or with a shortcut button, and if a pal is offline, they'll receive your message as soon as they next log in. 

Some other quality of life improvements are headed to Genshin Impact in the next update, including being able to choose to repeat a Domain challenge from inside the Domain as opposed to having to leave and re-enter. The developers have been working on a new auto-play option for dialog, so you can automatically progress through scenes in time with the dialog without having to press a thing. 

If you want to refer back to dialog from a complete quest to refresh your memory, you'll be happy to know a Travel Log section will be added to the Archive. Here, you can view all of the dialog from completed Archon and Story quests in both text and audio form. A new map pins feature is also coming, so if you spot something interesting you want to come back to later in the open-world adventure, or you want to head to a specific spot, you can place a trackable custom pin on the map. Only one pin can be placed at a time. 

Following on from version 1.1, the 1.2 update is still currently said to go live later this month on December 23. 

In other news, Genshin Impact was crowned game of the year by both Google and Apple. And if you're getting stuck into the game yourself, be sure to check out these Genshin Impact tips

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