Genesis revisited

Today, Sega's primarily known for its Sonic the Hedgehog games, but back in 1989, the company's first hardware powerhouse made Nintendo quake in its market-dominating boots. The Sega Genesis remains one of the most revered consoles of all time, and later this fall you'll get a crack at 28 classic games on the Sega Genesis Collection.

The 16-bit compilation will include, obviously, Sonic again, but the inclusion of Shinobi III and Ristar hint that this may actually be a collection worth looking into. We've seen Golden Axe and Altered Beast so much in the past few years we're starting to lose what's left of the nostalgic, late '80s bliss - good thing there'll be some games we haven't played to death on other compilations.

Collection will hit PS2 and PSP within the next few months and come complete with developer interviews, PSP multiplayer gaming and bonus arcade titles to unlock. Honestly, we're excited to see the Shinobi ninja master return, but we'd really love to see Shadow Dancer and its canine helper appear for one last shuriken-studded mission.

August 10, 2006