Gears of War screens stop and pop

Thursday 19 October 2006
We don't really need to tell you that Gears of War is 360's biggest gun - with a chainsaw on the end of it - this year, but if you didn't already know these new screens should spell it out well enough.

Managing the three-for-three of being the loudest, best-looking and most violent title on the console to date (so much so that Microsoft won't even be releasing the game in blood-shy Germany), it's now less than a month away from release. That should give you enough time to analyse the tactics in these shots - 'stay behind cover and keep firing until nothing else is moving', for instance.

Above: Blind fire can still be lethal with the speed at which Gears' guns spray out hot leaden death

We'll be looking to get our trigger fingers squeezing the finished game as soon as possible, so keep your eyes on GamesRadar's corners for more.