Gears of War on PS3 eventually, says analyst

Dec 20, 2007

Analyst heavyweight Michael Patcher as at his crystal ball again, this time dishing out the controversial prediction that Epic's Gears of War series will come to PlayStation 3... eventually.

Speaking to Game Trailers, Patcher pointed out that Epic is no stranger when it comes to the PlayStation 3 hardware, "we pretty much know that Gears of War 3 is probably gonna come out on PS3."

The reasoning behind Mr. P's prediction is that Microsoft probably has a two game deal to keep the first inevitable Gears of War sequel Xbox 360 exclusive, but after that Epic's free to put it on whichever console it likes.

It'd be a big stir up if Gears 2 ended up on PS3, but will anyone really care by the time the third one comes out?

Just like GTA and Resident Evil before, we reckon Gears would've spent most of its worth by the time it goes multi-platform.

Courtesy of CVG