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Gearbox reveals new Borderlands 3 skill trees for Moze and Zane

(Image credit: Gearbox)

On the heels of new skill trees for Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters Amara and FL4K, Moze and Zane have now joined the party, respectively brandishing a pet mech and a gatling gun.

The new skill tree for Moze, aptly dubbed the Bear Mother tree, is built around a miniature version of her iconic Iron Bear mech: the Iron Cub. Rather than piloting the Cub, Moze summons it to fight at her side, but as creative director Graeme Timmins explained in a blog post (opens in new tab), "the majority of bonuses that apply to Iron Bear also work on Iron Cub, including the arsenal of Hard Point weapon attachments. When equipped, Iron Cub takes up one of your Action Skill slots and will dual-wield the weapon in your other slot."

The Iron Cub is a more passive skill than the Iron Bear, but you have to actively maintain its gas tank to keep it on the battlefield. This is where Moze's new skills come in. Gearbox shared three abilities from her new tree:

  • Biofuel: when moze ignites an enemy, she regenerates health for a short time.
  • Limit Break: every elemental effect Moze has applied to an enemy shortens her Action Skill cooldown.
  • Running On Fumes: while an enemy is ignited, the Iron Cub won't use any fuel.

(Image credit: Gearbox)

Zane has a new friend of his own thanks to The Professional skill tree, but it's slightly less adorable: it's a big gun. The MNTIS shoulder cannon replaces Zane's doppelganger, but it retains his focus on skill triggers. 

"Every time Zane uses his MNTIS Cannon, he activates anything that triggers on both Action Skill Use and End," says game designer Tommy Westerman. "With the press of a button, Zane can simultaneously activate skills like Doubled Agent's Synchronicity, multiple Anointments, and all of his Kill Skills."

Here are some of the skills that amp up Zane's new toy: 

  • No Way Out: the MNTIS cannon fires a grappling hook that yanks enemies to you.
  • Fugitive: Zane can shoot while sprinting.
  • Commitment: increases Zane's weapon and Action Skill damage each time he gets a kill.
  • Eraser: critical hits pierce targets, dealing increased damage for each enemy hit. 

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