GC 09: Microsoft Gamescom conference

Microsoft's Gamescom press conference happened this morning. We were expecting Lionhead's Peter Molyneux to reveal what his studio is working on and maybe that some other Microsoft/Xbox related stuff would be talked about. We got plenty of the former, but not so much of the latter. Actually we got none of the latter. Turns out this was pretty much just a Fable conference. Here's an abridged version of events:

- Lionhead to re-release Fable II as a series of five downloadable episodes. The first episode will be released September 29. And it will be FREE. We've already played it, but it'll be FREE. So that's good, right? No mention of how much the other episodes will be.

- Fable III announced. It'll let you become the uber-lord king ruler of all Albion, which is now just one continent of a much bigger world. Players will start Fable III based on their Fable II save data and the game's hero will be the son or daughter offspring of Fable II's hero. Lots of ambitious, exciting developments planned for the game's mechanics and story development. It'll be released 2010.

- Everyone leaves.

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