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Gas Powered Games cancels Wildman Kickstarter

Chris Taylor has canceled the Kickstarter for Wildman and the future of Gas Powered Games is more uncertain than ever. The campaign was less than halfway to its $1.1 million dollar goal with just days remaining, and Taylor decided to pull the plug to pursue other avenues for the studio.

The developer has already gone through severe layoffs, and Taylor is visually and audibly subdued in the most recent video update. He makes it clear, however, that he does not expect the canceled campaign to mean the end for the studio he founded nearly 15 years ago.

"I've been working in the background to find other ways to keep Gas Powered Games running, Taylor said. "The trouble is, when you start doing things like that, you can't update people on it. You can't share information."

The nearly 10,000 backers who pledged toward the project may not have been enough to cover Wildman, but their show of support made other plans feasible, Taylor said. He hopes to reveal more about the next stage for the studio in coming weeks.

Either way, we'll soon see what's to become of the studio that brought us Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander.

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