Gangs of London hands-on

In one of the missions we played, for example, we stormed a factory with the intent of blowing up a few vans. The gangsters inside weren't keen to let us get away with it, though, and so they kept jumping out and popping us full of bullets. Blowing them away was easy enough; we just pointed our character in the right direction and fired, and the auto-targeting took care of the rest.

After losing a couple of our gangsters to enemy fire, we eventually learned the value of taking cover behind a crate, which in turn let us fire blindly over the top and occasionally even hit a bad guy. We also learned to grab enemies for use as human shields, which didn't really deter their friends from shooting but did give us some short-lived armor (short-lived mainly because the guy wriggled free).

We also tried a driving mission, tearing around London guided by an onscreen map and the car's turn signals. The car responded a little sluggishly, which is par for the course for Getaway games, but the new behind-the-wheel perspective was a nice addition.

In general, the controls felt kind of clunky - cars aside, moving our characters without camera controls was like controlling tanks - but they also felt like something we could get used to with a little more practice.