Gaming's most hated technology failures

The problem: The PC version of GTA IV ships with abig ol’ pile of bugs, ranging fromshoddy textures to the whole thing crashing down around you.

The response: Users in theSteam forumsreacted quickly, compiling a list of everything you’d need to get the bugs out of your $50 triple-A title. Rockstar, on the other hand, let loose a patch thatintroduceda totally new problem.

We hated it because: GTA IV was a mega-huge console launch. When it shows up on PC Land’s doorstep looking like shit and barely functioning, it reinforces PC gamers’ ideas that we’ll settle for sub-par visuals and alower gameplayexperience because we don’t know any better.

Hellgate London busted on day one

The problem: Hellgate London launches with awide range of bugs, including one that billed you repeatedly for one subscription.

The response: Lead designer Bill Ropersaidonly 3% of users ran into the billing issue. He latercame cleanwith Gamasutra about his time on Hellgate London and Flagship, painting a dark, dreary picture of business models and good intentions gone awry.

We hated it because: Hellgate had a huge Halloween launch (they had a massive party in San Francisco with a line that stretched around the block) so we rightfully assumed the game we’d be playing the next day would work. That was not the case, ultimately leading to its servers being shut down and then revived in 2010 as afree to play MMO.

How’s about you? Got any woeful tales of your brand-new games or hardware getting a slice of the ol’ dick pie? Let us know in the comments!

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