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Gamings biggest F MY LIFE! moments

Missing a sure-shotrepeatedly

This idiot is clueless. Thats right, keep gazing through your sniper scope, buddy. With a flick of our knife, your existence will be over. Yknow what? Hold up. This is our chance to pull off a sweet trick shot--in a real match, no less. A no-scope should do the trick, and--whoops. Missed. Ha--sucker didnt even notice. Second times the charm--frick. Off by a hair. Wait. Hes getting up. He heard us. Stay back, stay back--! we had an eternity to dispatch him, and now were dead at his feet. Looks like were the idiot now.

Getting spawn camped

Call us spoiled, but reincarnation loses its appeal when it feels like a Groundhog Day of death. Whether through poor programming, a malevolent deus ex machina, or maybe just a sadistic person, the powers that be saw fit to bring us back into the world mere inches from the smoking gun that perforated our skull. For the person holding said gun, its like a heaven-sent gift: a sacrificial lamb offered to bolster ones killstreak. For us, its a cruel joke of a second chance, where revenge has slipped through our fingers before we could even orient ourselves to our surroundings. Rage-quitting is the only logical response.

Misery loves company

Those are the catastrophes that made us decry our existence--but we soldiered on, and we're glad we did. Have you suffered from any of these calamitous gaming afflictions? Let us know in the comments below, so that we have a "feeling sorry for ourselves" celebration.

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