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GamesRadar Exclusive: NASCAR The Game: 2011 developer video diary

I’m a sucker for racing games of all stripes, but I’ve definitely got a soft spot for games that let me tune my car. Yes I’m one of “those” guys, the ones that enjoy tweaking damper rebound and camber angles. Even if my car usually goes slower, or into a wall, after I’ve gotten my hands on it, I can point to that ruined car and proudly say “I did this!” Good thing NASCAR The Game: 2011 will be giving me ample opportunity to ruin my car’s suspension with my terrible tuning decisions. Check out this developer diary video from Eutechnyx for a quick rundown of NTG: 2011's tuning features:

Don't think you'll be able to go totally crazy though, in the interest of keeping NTG: 2011 as close to the real NASCAR expereince as possible, tuning options will be confined to the same limits in the NASCAR rule book. So much for my dreams of aCamry with a 4 inch lift and non-regulation 24s.

Jan 18, 2010

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