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GamesRadar E3 2011 Special Award: Most Shameless Rip-off

Disney Universe, you magnificent bastard! Yeah Disney, one of the biggest creative forces on the planet, is definitely aping fromsomebody… however, the biggest hornswoggle going down here is that Disney Universe is not the LittleBigRipoff you think it is. Oh, it certainly owes Sackboy a debt (and perhaps an intellectual property licensing fee) as those little blue stem cell creatures look to be built very deliberately to suckle at the successful teat of LBP, but it’s actually ripping off something else entirely… Want a hint?

Above: Nobody "borrows" like the House of Mouse

It’s a total LEGO rip-off! Ha! Did you see that coming? Oh… ya did? WELL, I DIDN’T! When it looked like Disney Universe wouldn’t be a place where all the company’s stable of memorable characters would come together to live and play, a la Kingdom Hearts, I was a bit disappointed. But once I learned that it doesn’t really feature any familiar characters, and it’s just a fluffy smash-and-collect co-op crib that’s not even developed by Traveller’s Tales (who just madea Disney game?!), this Disney nerd’s heart sunk another 20,000 leagues.

Above: Here, this screenshot is the most representative of what Disney Universe actually is

Seriously… They’re just androgynous Smurfs with licensed hats! Man,leave that kind ofshit on Facebook where it belongs.

Jun 21, 2011