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Much like the latter missions in Red Dead Redemption, it's time to round up the cattle, or in this case guides, and wrangle them into the corral, this article. See, it's that kind of fantastic writing that gets me the respectI deserve around here.

All joking aside,GamesRadarhas put up a huge numberof guides this year, and this handy article is here to highlight some of the biggest and best from 2010. If you don't see a gameyou're looking forhere, use our search function at the top of the page to find what you want, then click the cheats or guides tab on the page.

Each entry includes a highlighted guide and a link to the game's main cheatpage, so just click the link or the image if you want to see more.

Assassin%26rsquo;s Creed: Brotherhood

Ezio returns, though this time he's got a posse to back him up. Brotherhood's campaign was just as good as the previous game, overflowing with sidequests and collectibles, but the multiplayer was no slouch either. Good thing we've got guides for both.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood flags and feathers guide

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer strategy guide – How to be a cheating bastard

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood guides and cheats

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Treyarch came back with a vengance this year improving upon World at War in every way. The public responded, and the game's sales have broken the 1 billion dollar mark. We've got aload of multiplayer guides and hints in addition to a complete intel guide for all the hidden tape recorders in the single player.

Call of Duty: Black Ops achievement and trophy guide

Call of Duty: Black Ops complete Intel guide

Call of Duty: Black Ops guides and cheats


Darksiders may not be the most original game we've ever played, but then how bad could a game borrowing all its elements from other great games not be pretty great?

Darksiders guides and cheats

Abyssal Armor and weapons guide

Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2 was a huge hit with gamers in large part thanks to the innovative Combo Card system that let players duct tape all sorts of stuff together and create some gonzo weapons. Our nifty guide shows you how to make all the weapons AND where to get the ingredients you need to make them.

Dead Rising 2 Combo Card Weapon Guide

Dead Rising 2 Guides and cheats

Fable 3

Peter Molyneux may be more busy with Milo than Fable at this point, but the latest addition to the series is as fun and uniques as its predecessors. We've actually got a huge number of guides to help you track down the game's huge number of collectibles.

Fable 3 guides and cheats

Fable 3 gnomes guide

Fable 3 keys guide

Fallout: New Vegas

The Fallout series has always been open ended, leaving a lot of decisions to the player. It also makes tracking down some of the side quests and secrets a lot harder than in other games. Check out our character build guide to seethe most effective way tomake amelee onlycaveman who beats up super mutants.

Fallout: New Vegas character build guide

Fallout: New Vegas guides and cheats

Final Fantasy XIII

While there were some haters, we loved FFXIII despite its very minor problems. A techincal tour de force and an epic story created one of the most breathtaking games of the year. Check out our Cie'th Stone missions guide to unlock some of the game's best gear.

Cie'th Stone missions guide

Final Fantasy XIIIguides and cheats

Halo: Reach

The final chapter in the Halo saga suprised a few folks and left others a little tepid, but there's no arguing with the game's excellent multiplayer. We've got map guides galore for the game's multiplayer in addition to a Data Pad guide fro all the game's collectibles.

Halo: Reach Data Pad location guide

Halo: Reach armor abilities guide

Halo: Reach guides and cheats


While Pokemon Black & White aren't out yet, our own Carolyn Gudmundson has been playing through the Japanese version, giving import friendly players a helpful walkthrough. We also wrapped up our complete Pokedex this year, giving you all the stats and info you need to take down Joey's Rattata.

The Complete Pokedex

Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilverguides and cheats

Red Dead Redemption

Once again, Rockstar dazzled the world of gaming with their ode to the dying days of the wild west. While many questioned thegame's switch toan open world format, Rockstar proved that the desert, brush and hills can be just as captivating as downtownLiberty City.As always Rockstar has included loads of side missions, including treasure hunting, bounty hunting, and flower picking of all things. we've got guides for everything so make sure to check out the game's main cheat page.

Red Dead Redemption treasure hunting guide

Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare mythical creatures guide

Red Dead Redemption guides and cheats

Star Craft 2

After a wait long enough to worry even Duke Nukem, Star Craft 2: Wings of Liberty finally arrived this year and it was every bit as glorious as Blizzard promised. Gorgeous cinematics and graphics, hyper competitive multiplayer, and the sweeping, epic story all helped cement the game's spotas one of2010's best. Check out out guide to the challenging multiplayer for some essential tips you'll need if you want to win.

14 ways to win at Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 guides and cheats

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2 managed to do the impossible and improve on a perfect game, proving that the portly plumber is still the king of platforming after all these years. Collecting every star in SMG2 has got to be one of gaming's most difficult challenges in years, but fortunately we've got a guide telling you how to grab every last one.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Complete Stars Guide

Super Mario Galaxy 2 guides and cheats

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