GamesRadar analyzes our Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Special Extended Edit trailer

It’s hard not to have some emotional response to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Among a big crop of trailers debuting at last weekend’s Video Game Awards, this revamped spin-off to the blockbuster series got people talking, which you may have noticed this week. We also got the skinny direct from Konami, both in written and video formats. Around the offices, we’ve all got opinions ranging from “it might be the most coherent Metal Gear story to date” to “I hope it’s not too much like Vanquish.”

Our intrepid video leader Takeshi Hiraoka spliced together footage from both the extended trailer and the massive documentary that Konami released yesterday—quite the opposite of Raiden—and remixed it all. Both myself and Henry Gilbert ran through the remixed footage in all of its three-minute glory. Among the sights you can expect to see include:

· Footblades!

· Raiden wall-running!

· A longer shot of that last scene from the trailer!

· A throwaway MGS2 reference!

Be sure to watch, won’t you?

Sterling McGarvey