Palworld patch speeds up egg hatching and banishes a bug that was preventing us from petting certain Pals

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A new Palworld patch is here, and it's fantastic news for anyone who loves hatching baby Pals. From now on, the electric egg incubator hatches eggs significantly faster, which should seriously help speed up the grind. 

To be exact, in v0.2.3.0, the electric egg incubator hatches eggs one and a half times faster than the usual speed, so it's going to shave a lot of time off the breeding process in the long run, especially when you consider some eggs can take literal hours to hatch. If you've still got a lot of breeding combinations to try out to fill out more entries in your Paldeck, or you want to breed some strong traits onto your favorite species, it sounds like you'll want to hang fire until you can get your hands on the electric incubator. 

With that said, in comparison to the standard incubator, you'll have to be at a much higher level in order to unlock the electric incubator in the first place, so depending on how much you've been playing, you might not be able to make the most of the update immediately. Either way, it's an improvement that the community is sure to be thankful for overall. 

Otherwise, along with optimizations for the processing load on dedicated servers, a number of bugs have been ironed out, including one which sadly prevented some Pals from receiving pets thanks to the option not working properly. Thankfully, this should work now, so if you have any Pals who've been long overdue some attention, then be sure to give them the love they deserve when you load up the game again. It's very important.

Although no other bug fixes could possibly be as important as being able to pet your beloved Pals, it's also worth noting that from this update onwards, base Pals should no longer collide together on dedicated servers. Specifically in the Xbox version of the game, the options to show or hide your 'Journey,' or change the scale of damage text numbers should work as intended, too, although at the time of writing, the Xbox update hasn't been deployed – it'll be rolled out "as soon as it is ready."

If you've not hatched a Palworld egg before, be sure to check out our guide to all Palworld breeding combinations and how to breed Pals

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