Former Mass Effect devs' new sci-fi RPG Exodus has planets that will actively try and kill you

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Exodus, the upcoming space-faring RPG from former Mass Effect developers, has planets that are prepared to kill you.

Developer Archetype Entertainment just released 'Exodus Prologue Chapter 5: Green Worlds,' the latest in a series of introductory videos to the time-dilating RPG. The theme of this prologue video is to hammer home the fact that the new game features planets that are actively hostile towards humanity, and sadly for the player, very much prepared to kill you.

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Exodus' whole cut and thrust is about finding a new home for humanity among the stars, and so at the core of the RPG is journeying to new planets and thoroughly exploring them. The trailer above cements the fact that most of the planets throughout the game's galaxy are "uninhabitable" at best, and downright "deadly" at worst.

There's clips of what look like rolling gas clouds advancing on humans exploring a planet, for example, or what at first appears to be a giant mossy mountain rearing its head to reveal it's alive. And wouldn't you know it, the Exodus prologue ends with an ominous clip of one explorer bleeding through his nose, while another appears to violently choke nearby. Lovely stuff.

We already know that Exodus is taking a more 'hardcore' approach to its science, as showcased in its approach to light-speed travel. The principal science-based approach to light-speed travel is that the closer you get to light-speed, the slower time moves for you, so years of even decades could pass in what might feel like merely a few days to you. That's some genuinely creepy stuff for this new RPG.

Exodus still doesn't have a release date, but we know it'll be coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S platforms when it does launch.

Mass Effect 5's director previously gave props to Exodus, which should tell you something about the game from the former BioWare developers.

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