PSA: Eating pizza as a certain race in Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail can lead to horrible (and hilarious) spaghettification

Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Public warning: don't eat pizza in Final Fantasy 14... unless you want a mini black hole to open up around your character's nose, causing horrid but hilarious disfigurement. 

Final Fantasy 14 introduced a beautiful graphical overhaul alongside its new summery expansion Dawntrail, but the update seems to have broken a couple of pre-existing animations, which I'm not complaining about because the results are expectedly brilliant.

Final Fantasy 14 players have flocked onto the interwebs to warn others that male Au Ra, the horned lads you might see running around, are deadly allergic to pizza. (Some kind of genetic resistance to Italian food?) The clips below show a bunch of instances of Au Ra chomping down on cheesy slices, before their entire faces flip and jumble and rejig and and generally become squished - before going back to normal, so what's the harm really. Enjoy a slice while you have a laugh below; as far as we're aware, the bug doesn't exist in real life. 

Old animations working perfectly with the graphical update from r/ffxiv

Ending the animation with a thumbs up is truly the cherry on top of an already funny bug that hopefully won't be fixed any time soon. "Pizza so good you'll undergo spaghettification to get it," one Reddit comment jokes.

When players weren't busy being terrorized by pizza, Final Fantasy 14 fans gathered to wave goodbye to the expansion that ended a ten-year saga, Endwalker, with huge group photos and "Goodbye Endwalker" chants in unison. If you're looking to get into the MMO for the first time, then skip Final Fantasy 14's "endless labyrinth" of account sign-up checklists with one handy fan-built tool.

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