Grape news: Final Fantasy 14's beloved low-poly grapes are still appropriately polygonal after the MMO's huge graphics update

Final Fantasy 14
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 14's famed low-poly grapes have mercifully been preserved in the wake of the MMO's huge graphics overhaul.

When Final Fantasy 14's patch 7.0 launched last week, introducing Dawntrail into early access, it also completely overhauled the MMO's graphics for PC and current-gen console players. Textures, items, and character models received significant improvements, bringing a new sense of life to Square Enix's smash-hit MMO even after more than a decade.

Thankfully, Game Spark has noted that even after the big graphics update, Endwalker's infamous grapes have been preserved in relatively few polygons. When the MMO's previous expansion launched in late 2021, the grapes in Labyrinthos immediately became a sensation because of their blocky looks, resembling something straight out of a PS1 game.

Final Fantasy 14 eventually added more polygons to its grapes, bringing the Labyrinthos grapes in line with the ones in the Crystarium, making them smoother as a result. Players weren't too happy - they absolutely loved the ridiculous grapes for some reason, and the question went on to hound director Naoki Yoshida years later, who was asked in 2023 if Final Fantasy 16 would feature low-poly grapes just like 14

Now, in 2024, it's great to hear that a source of beloved entertainment has been left relatively undisturbed by Final Fantasy 14's graphics overhaul. Game Spark does note that the grapes do look a little different after the update - they're now flatter on top, for some reason - but the core tenet of them being blocky and endearing has been left untouched.

Be warned that if you're playing Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail right now after launch, a side quest can spoil major moments from the new expansion's storyline. Hold off on playing 'Once a Riddler, Now a Ruler' until you've completed the Main Scenario Quest 'Dawn of a New Tomorrow' if you want to be safe.

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