Games that would be better with a Mature rating

Surely the best part of playing as a Sith apprentice would be committing not just violence, but intense violence. Preferably on Jedi younglings. All we wanted from Force Unleashed was to slaughter wimpy Jedi younglings in blood so cold it could be sold as sorbet on Tatooine. But we were denied.

Rockstar Games presents: Table Tennis

Purely on the list because we're uncomfortable with a Rockstar game being awarded an E for Everyone rating, which this was. So in order to restore balance to the universe, let's add some weapons and prostitutes.

The Sims

At last, the life sim that every morally corrupt, party-hard hard-drinking down and dirty delinquent drop-out gamer has been waiting for.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

With a few subtle tweaks this could easily be Nintendo's very own Grand Theft Auto.

July 8, 2009

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Games that incurred the wrath of the censors

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