GameJew's new song really blows... the dust out of our cartridges!

We're pretty familiar with NESes and Game Boys being used to createchiptune musicby now, butit's not often we seeconsoles being used to play music quite like this.

After about a year-long hiatus, GameJew is back with a new theme song: "Blowing The Dust Out of The Cartridge That Is My Mind," which just posted yesterday on YouTube. The percussion section isn't provided by the motherboard of the console, but by various banging and clacking of the NES's movable parts and accessories. Click below to watch the video!

GameJew was started by talented singer-songwriter Jonathan Mann in 2005 on YouTube with the goal to write 40 songs about the Wii. Eventually it was picked up as a series by ScrewAttack, and was also featured inthe Januaryissue of EGM in 2008, after the Mario-cap-donning musician serenaded Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto.

Jonathan Mann now mainly focuses on hisSong-A-Day YouTube channelwhere he writes, well,a song a day.

Feb 25, 2011

Lizzie Cuevas
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