GAME stores will not be closing at week's end

Yesterday Gamespot took a leap with an anonymous tip and reported that all GAME stores would enter liquidation by the end of the week. Current adminstrators PwC have denied the claims, and reported this is not the case.

PwC's Meghan Senior spoke to Kotaku and said that GAME stores will not be closing this week, and if a decision to liquidate is made, it will happen at the next creditors meeting on June 19th.

It is not known who is stating these claims; however Senior insists they are untrue, and there are still prospective buyers for the retail chain.

Senior goes on to explain that even if no buyers are found, there are viable options for GAME to avoid liquidation - one in particular being that the company can be handed back to the original directors if it is found to be sustainable.

The rumours could stem from the fact that GAME has had a 25% off sale, with discounts increasing to 40%, resulting in speculation of a closing down sale. Senior contends this opinion, stating "I've been informed that the 40% sale is simply an attempt to move stock and get customers into the stores, it's not a closing down sale."

We will update with further information as it comes to light.