Game Of Thrones Seasons 1-3 Available On NOW TV

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Game Of Thrones is a cultural phenomenon, the kind of show that makes national newspaper headlines when a character carks it. No show on the air right now demands you be part of the conversation to anywhere near the same extent, which is why it’s easy to feel left out if you’ve never seen a single episode.

Whether you’re new to the world of Westeros or simply in need of a refresher (after all, you’d need a memory palace to rival Sherlock’s if you expect to remember all those names), the first three seasons are available to watch right now via Sky’s fab new online streaming service NOW TV (opens in new tab) . Brand new episodes from season four will be added weekly from 7 April.

To celebrate NOW TV are running #SeriesSunday catch-ups every Sunday between 23 March and 6 April where fans and newcomers can watch a whole season in one day with viewers across the country, starting with season one this Sunday. NOW TV will be tweeting along and giving away Game Of Thrones- themed prizes throughout the day, including a TV-marathon hamper which you can win by including #SeriesSunday and #GoTNOWTV in a tweet.

NOW TV provides instant and easy access to hundreds of films from Sky Movies on demand, pay-as-you-go access to live Sky Sports and must see shows on 10 of the best pay TV channels including Sky1, Sky Atlantic and Sky Living.. You can access NOW TV through a, computer, tablet, smart phone, games console (PS3 and Xbox 360) or a NOW TV Box. NOW TV and Sky Atlantic are the only places in the UKthat you can watch Game Of Thrones season four. An entertainment subscription to NOW TV costs just £4.99/month until 29 May.

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