Game music of the day: Super Monkey Ball

Game: Super Monkey Ball

Song: Jungle

Composer: Shoji, Tomita and Osumi

Above: Jungle from Super Monkey Ball

Super Monkey Ball was one of those brilliant games that was impossibly fun, fresh and addicting the first time around but petered out within a matter of weeks. So, even though today I couldn't possibly muster up enthusiasm for another game (unless it were on the 3DS, maybe), the first one still holds a special place in my heart for its lethally cute presentation and head-bobbing, ultra-melodic music.

Most of the appealcame fromthe dead-simple gameplay - navigate your spherical monkey globe through increasingly challenging mazes. But the underlying music, Jungle in this case, fit the environments perfectly and changed regularly to keep the vibe in flux. By the time you got used to the bass line of Jungle, you'd be listening to...

Above: Sky High

Above: Monkey Mall

Above: Storm, which sounds like a precursor to Amusement Vision's F-Zero GX

... plus a few other songs to boot. None of it's particularly outstanding, it merely fits well and makes for great background listening while you attempt maze after devilish maze. A lot likeCel Damage, another early GameCube/Xbox/PS2 title I covered a few weeks back. But yeah,a 3DS version could kill if it really sold the height and depth of the floating mazes and elaborate backgrounds. Get on that, Sega.

Some of the best battle music of all time, by Iwadare

Rainbow Road by Kondo, Oka and Bando

Still Alive by Miskovsky, Birgisson and Yacoub

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