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Game music of the day: Mega Man X

Game: Mega Man X

Song: Spark Mandrill

Composer: Tomozawa, Yamamoto, Horiyama, Iwai, Takehara

Above: Spark Mandrill from Mega Man X

Just as the hype train for the NES Mega Man series was beginning to slow down, Capcom re-invented its ability-stealing mascot for the 16-bit era in the form of Mega Man X - a futuristic, "serious" take on the usually quite silly franchise. The characters, from X to newcomer Zero to the large cast of enemy Reploids, all sport their unchanging angry faces from beginning to end. And to further this somber, angsty mood, Mega Man X busted out a rippin' soundtrack that was just as catchy as the NES days, yet far more appropriate and fitting for the setting.

In fact, the soundtrack is so strong I can barely choose one track to highlight... but seeing as I must, I'll go with Spark Mandrill. This song rocks more in the first 15 seconds than 99% of all other game music on the planet. Listening to this while dashing through brightly lit corridors, blasting enemies into disintegrating pieces was one of the Super NES' finest moments. As was mentioned earlier, Mega Man was starting to taper off after part three. X came along and really surprised a lot of us, in no small part thanks to its kickin' soundtrack.

Above: Another top track, Storm Eagle, summarizes the entire Mega Man X experience. Timeless song

Above: The villain Sigma has a bass-happy piece of music that I'd love to hear played live

Above: Want to slow it down a bit? The Password screen shows the lighter side of MMX

After Mega Man9 and 10 successfully re-birthed the NES series, I have to wonder if a 16-bit style Mega Man X9 could be on the way as well? It's an easy way to make some quick money, as nostalgia for MMX remains powerful to this day. Why, even just writing about it makes me want to dig out mySNES cablesand give it another go...

The Himalayas and The Moon by Sakaguchi

Beatnik on the Ship by Yuzo Koshiro

No Cigar by Millencolin