Game addicts aren't nerds, says study

Playing games for hours on end may not be the healthiest activity in the world, but gaming doesn't turn you into an antisocial nerd, an Australian study has concluded.

The study, by Australian psychology graduate Daniel Loton, found that 15 percent of 621 adult respondents surveyed spent more than 50 hours a week playing games, but only 1 percent of those had rubbish social skills, specifically shyness.

"Our findings strongly suggest that gaming doesn't cause social problems, and social problems are not driving people to gaming," Loton, from Victoria University, toldReuters.

"What is important to note is that even problem gamers did not exhibit significant signs of poor social skills or low self-esteem."

Loton spent the last two years conducting the study, which was based on mainly Australian and mainly male respondents.

Unfortunately Loton's findings are questionable once you read down the page and discover that his study was an online survey. Of course they're not shy on the internet!

Conduct the next survey in a pub and then we'll believe you.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 12, 2008