Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar expansion

When we last left the Galactic Civilizations universe, the evil Drengin Empire just about had everything - and everyone - rolled up. So, at the start of the upcoming strategy expansion pack, called Dark Avatar, the Drengin reignoverthe galaxy is so complete that their worst enemy is now from within. In-fighting has split their grip on the empire, and the most powerful faction, the Korath, now demand the extermination of all non-Drengin races.

You are the Dark Avatar, chief of the Drengin military. Your mission is to save the defeated races of the galaxy from certain genocide - and nobly enslave them instead. After all, what good is ruling the galaxy if there is no one to oppress?

In addition to this new campaign, Dark Avatar offers what you'd expect from a dedicated expansion - new maps, units, races and scenarios. However, the makers of the game have pushed back the release to early next year in order to add in a few very unique features that fans have requested.