Fruit to fall for Wii

Monday 4 December 2006
Who needs Zelda for the launch of Wii when addictive puzzler Super Fruitfall is hitting stores on 8 December alongside Nintendo's new console?

What looks like a simple puzzle game is actually a devious test of your strategy skills and coordination. The objective is to clear out every piece of fruit by moving them around the grid so they become grouped together. Sounds easy but each individual piece of fruit can only be moved by rotating the playing area in one of three moves.

On top of that you must figure out the best way to build combinations of fruit clearing to get special bonuses.

While the puzzle solving isn't so simple the control system certainly is. All gamers have to do is pick up the Wii-mote and start shifting the brightly coloured fruit pieces around.

If you want to get the family involved in the puzzling there's a split screen two-player option, so you can see who's better at clearing screens of fruit.

We have less than a week to wait for Super Fruitfall, which will only cost %26pound;25 when it's released on 8 December.