Frostbite review

Ingmar Bergman dabbled with the theme of vampiricism in Persona and Hour Of The Wolf. He didn’t, however, ask Liv Ullman to sink her gnashers into a live bunny or shred a small dog as it tries to take a leak against a lamppost...

Set in snowy Lapland (hence the godawful title) as darkness descends for a month, this Swedish horror-comedy sees a nurse (Petra Nielsen) and daughter (Grete Havneskold) relocate to a small town. Some welcome: they haven’t even unpacked the garlic crusher when the burg is overrun by teenage necknippers.

From its prologue featuring Nazi soldiers taken out by ravenous bloodsuckers to its all-hell-breaks-loose-in-vivid-claret finale, Frostbite has hardly an original bone in its undead body. What it does have, though, is engaging characters, crisp set-pieces and an effective mix of terror and titters, goofs and gore. Worth staking out/sinking your teeth into, etc.

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