Friday the 13th alpha footage shows Jason Voorhees in action

The Kickstarter success of Friday the 13th: The Game is bloody good news for horror fans and now dev studio Gun Media has revealed some early gameplay footage to whet our appetites. It's clearly early days and the team says its all temporary assets but the video below shows exactly why this might just be the asymmetrical multiplayer experience we really need (sorry Evolve).

Seven Camp Crystal Lake counsellors are just waiting to be picked off by Jason Vorhees - motion captured by Kane Hodder himself - and the video shows that even the idea of running through the woods and knowing that he's out there is seriously terrifying business. Plus, it's not just purely a game of cat and mouse. You can hear the team talking about the car being repaired and pondering other team members using this impending death as a chance to escape so there's clearly more than one way to avoid imminent slaughter.

I don't want to spoil the moment but 2:08 really shows how this game could be getting it so right. Add in the fact that the player says he has all the right sound effects in his ears as Jason gets closer and this could be something really special. Take a look and to find out more you can read our interview with the Friday The 13th game creators.

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Louise Blain

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