Free Xbox 360 upgrade

Wednesday 7 June 2006
Microsoft is today delivering its free Xbox 360 upgrade to all Silver and Gold Xbox Live members, which includes 125 new features designed to enhance the 360 experience.

The update takes up no extra hard drive space, will take less than a minute to download and will include such features as:

• A new background download manager for Marketplace, which gives gamers the ability to queue up and download six high definition items while still playing games or browsing the dashboard.

• Updated Xbox Live Marketplace menus that make it easier to store and find content.

• Full remote control features allowing gamers to fast forward and rewind all videos downloaded from Marketplace.

• Custom background music will continue to play during game loads.

• During music play, the playback screen will reveal the artist, song title and time remaining on the song.

• DVD movie bookmarking will enable users to pause a movie, put in a game for gameplay and return to the movie at the exact point it left off.

• Improved DVD movie playback for a smoother, higher quality viewing experience, including additional VGA support.