Here are all the free PlayStation VR games and demos you can play right now

If you've just treated yourself to a fancy new PlayStation VR headset, you'll naturally want to try out this tech with as many experiences as possible. However, after sinking hundreds of your hard earned bills on the hardware, you probably won't be able to pick up a stack of new games to go with it just yet. Thankfully, Uncle Sony is here to help you out, and if you know where to look then there's many hours of free PSVR games and demos just waiting for you to download.

As always, there are regional differences between what content is available, so below I've listed all the free items I've been able to spot along with links to download directly from the relevant PlayStation Store - you'll need to be signed in to the Store with a PSN account from that region for the links to work.

Pro-tip if you're in the UK or Europe: download the PlayStation VR Demo Disc from the US Store to access six extra games.

PlayStation VR Demo Disc [US, EU]
Bound [US only]
DriveClub VR
EVE: Valkyrie
Gnog [US only]
Harmonix Music VR
Here They Lie
Hustle Kings VR [US only]
Job Simulator
PlayStation VR Worlds
Resident Evil 7 biohazard - Kitchen Teaser [US only]
Rez Infinite
RIGS Mechanized Combat League
SuperHyperCube [US only]
Tumble VR
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
Wayward Sky
Within [US only]

Individual Demos
Alumette [US, EU]
Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live [US, EU]
The Playroom VR [US, EU]
Resident Evil 7 biohazard - Kitchen Teaser [EU only]
SuperHyperCube [EU only]
Tumble VR [US, EU]
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood [US, EU]
Within [US only]
World War Toons Beta [US only]

VR Apps
Hulu App [US only]
Littlstar VR Cinema App [US, EU]
Vrideo App [US only]

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