Forza Motorsport may not release until Q3 2023 "and maybe even a little bit later than that"

Forza Motorsport Xbox Series X screenshot
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Forza Motorsport has allegedly been delayed to the end of 2023. 

It was only a few days ago that Turn 10 Studios unveiled more of the new Forza Motorsport as part of Xbox Developer Direct. Whilst we didn't get a concrete release date at the time, fans still hoped that Forza Motorsport's release would get a tighter time frame than the original spring 2023 window (or Q2 for those of you in the Southern hemisphere). 

Instead, the latest teaser for the racer - which is set to launch for Xbox Series X and S and PC - offered a far less specific "2023" release window, leading some to think that the Q2 release date has now slipped into later in the year - a theory industry insider Jeff Grubb supports. 

"What I’m hearing - I’m feeling pretty good about this after asking around a couple of times after hearing about it the first time earlier today - it does seem like Forza is going to slip later into the year and probably won’t be the first half of the year," Giantbomb's Jeff Grubb said on the Game Mess Decides podcast (thanks, VGC). 

"The timeframe I'm hearing for Forza is like Q3, and maybe even a little bit later than that."

Turn 10 boasts that this is the "most technically advanced racing game ever made", and says that the advances the physics simulation have made are greater than Forza Motorsport 5, 6, and 7 combined."

Forza Motorsport will launch with over 500 cars and 20 environments, each of which will have a variety of tracks to drive on. Five of those locations will be all-new to the series, including Kyalami, which got the deep dive treatment as part of the reveal we saw earlier this week.

We can also expect a new online racing mode, and a "car-building focused single-player career" - although no specific details on either were revealed - and dynamic weather and time of day for the first time in the series, bringing the feature over from the Horizon series.

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