Forza 2 trailer dissected

Microsoft has released a special annotated version of the E3 trailer ofintensely deep racing simulator Forza Motorsport 2. You can watch the original version here, free of the talking developer heads, but thenew versionpoints out lots of little bits you may have missed the first time around. Art Director John Wendl and Game Director Dan Greenwalt lead a guided tour through the trailer as they pick it apart, pointing out how the trailer illustrates the features of Forza 2 itself.

For the most part, the thrust of the trailer is car lust... so all of the focus on various customizable parts and other details exposes the near-obsessive levels of attention paid to every aspect of professional racing. In a game where fractions of a second can mean the difference between victory and crushing defeat, adding a supercharger, swapping out a new brake kit or even bolting on a different spoiler makes all the difference. Check out the trailer/dev-interviewhere.

June 26, 2006