Fortnite reimagined as Dark Souls is the crossover I didn't know I needed

Fortnite and Dark Souls are two games I would've never thought needed to intersect, but this incredible edit by YouTube creator LaffenGas - Fortnite made me believe. The creation takes the world of Tilted Town from Fortnite Season 10 and transforms it into the wonderfully cartoony Dark Souls game we'll definitely never get to play ourselves.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Build Edition is a delightful feat of video editing prowess that sees the colorful cast of characters and vibrant environments of Fortnite adapted to the unforgiving RPG format of Dark Souls, complete with its own detailed logo, character selection, and item description screens, Dark Souls themed gameplay, and cinematic cutscenes that'll make you second guess whether this is a real thing that's happening.

I particularly enjoyed the little details from Dark Souls that contrast hilariously with the Fortnite universe. Seeing a Fortnite character get taken out by a portable toilet as the screen turns gray with the classic Dark Souls "You Died" screen is an absolute riot. The cutscenes are masterfully edited and transition so very smoothly into gameplay - I can only imagine how much time, effort, and know-how it takes to edit something like that.

Dark Souls and Fortnite couldn't be from more different worlds - one, a grim single-player/co-op fantasy RPG, and the other, a flamboyant competitive battle royale. Both games are champions of their genres, but not in a million years did I expect to see an intersection of the two, much less one so expertly crafted and detailed.

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Jordan Gerblick

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