Football Superstars

On the pitch, every player is another gamer, except for goalies who will - at launch, at least - be AI controlled. In time, gamers will get the chance to play as keepers, and some visitors to the Football Superstars forum have asked to play as refs, linesmen and even physios (max your ‘Apply Sponge’ skills). With 20 gamers on the pitch at once, the potential for playground-style, all-follow-the-ball tactics is obvious, but developers Cybersports and Monumental feel it will soon become clear that teams that are well organised will win. And winning will bring rewards - money, experience and fame. These can be used for training to help boost stats, to add special skills or for accessorising.

Playground footie, or Casual, as they’re disappointingly terming it, will be one of three ways to get a match in Football Superstars, the others being Player Controlled (leagues and cups for player-organised sides) and Competitive - official leagues and cups between the 14 fictitious sponsor clubs, one of which a player can join.

Football Superstars is intended to be free to play, with the possibility that some premium content to be added later - such as player-managed sides - could be charged for. As you might expect, the 35-man development team have bills to pay and sponsorship, ads and product placement are seen as the way this game will be funded. Adamant that they’re not trying to outdo FIFA or Pro Evo, the devs insist Football Superstars will be something different. We’ll see in May.

Feb 14, 2008