Football Superstars

As far as playground football goes, it’s not the winning that counts, it’s not even the taking part - it’s all about not being picked last. To a professional footballer, of course, winning and losing matters more, but not nearly so much as their playboy lifestyles. Football Superstars aims to bring these two poles of the sport together in an MMO that mixes the pick-a-punter mentality of the schoolyard with the trappings of success of the modern pro.

Like a conventional MMORPG, Football Superstars will give you a character to customise and a landscape to run around - cities with shops, salons, nightclubs and other diversions. A searchable database of fellow gamers and a lobby system replace the line-up on the byline, while nightclubs, haircuts and designer labels are replaced by... well, the same thing, but in persistent 3D. As you play, your footballer (male or female) will develop, and can be tailored to a position. Curiously, this is like an MMORPG in its controls too, eschewing the FIFA/PES approach and giving you a third-person view, with keyboard controls and a mouse-controlled camera.