Footage shows Resistance

Tuesday 26 September 2006
Last week we went hands-on with Resistance: Fall of Man, the apocalyptic PS3 blaster set in an alternate world where World War II never happened because us humans were busy being eaten to death by mutant alien-things. Now you can see the game in action, with a brand new trailer showcasing the arsenal of weapons you'll be toting when Resistance launches next year.

Above: The chimera are diabolic man-meets-alien mutants, and they'll bite your head off if you give 'em half a chance

With a mix of Call of Duty style trench-running warfare, Killzone's war-is-hell-and-full-of-heart-shaking-explosions atmosphere and lots and lots of toothy, ugly-faced mutant enemies trying to tear your face off, Resistance: Fall of Man should be one of PlayStation 3's most exciting first-wave games. Hit the movies tab above to see this fresh dose of footage.

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