flOw goes portable, first screens

We can't play flOw on PS3 for more than ten minutes without coming over all sleepy, and now the drowsy gaming is coming to PSP.

Anyone who's played the PS3 game will know what to expect because it sounds like pretty much the same deal on the portable. "Explore the soothing depths of a living underwater environment, discover strange new organisms and embark on a journey of evolution," explains Sony.

"Freely glide around before diving down to the challenges beneath or aggressively consume food and compete with every surrounding creature."

Check out the first screenshere.

So, no change then. Oddly, the update neglects to mention a price or release date, only that it'll be downloadable via the PlayStation Store for PC. But it's not on there yet - we checked.

We expect it'll go live in today's expected PSN update, which should happen later. We'll keep you posted.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jan 31, 2008