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Flash game freebie: Chubby Ninja

Ninjas come in all shapes and sizes, and who’s to say one flavor of ninja is better than another? There’s a ninja to suit all manner of peculiar tastes, really. With that in mind, don’t tell the grey little fellow in Chubby Ninja that he needs to shed a few pounds. Besides, you’re going to help him burn it all off in order to stay alive. Bounding vertically through the danger-infested cave of trials poses a serious challenge, but it’s totally worth it to punch a pixelated Chuck Norris in the face with your ninja strike.

Thrust into the Cave of Trials, your ninja warrior must vertically navigate a tricky array of platforms, traps, and foes. Once you start your ascent, the floor begins to disappear below you, and failing to keep up spells immediate death. To counteract this unfortunate fate, you can double jump, use magic to fly in short bursts, and deliver an ultra-fast punch strike. Flying or punching uses up a small bit of your spirit power. You can pick up health, cash, and spirit power as you climb, but you’ll want to use the stuff judiciously to stay alive.

Chubby Ninja’s rapidly increasing difficulty curve will inevitably kill you faster than you’d like it to, but striving to reach the super awesome aforementioned goal and unlocking other bizarre achievements can keep you testing your ninja reflexes for hours. Our favorites include slaying Thor, the god of thunder, grabbing a katana to commit seppuku, sending Moses “to the promised land,” and punching good old Chuck. There’s plenty of other subtle weirdness thrown in for good measure too. Check it out over at Newgrounds here.

Jun 3, 2010